Remembering Undermountain

Once in my heyday of gaming, we had a group of 12+ players and decided to split into two groups to head into Undermountain. We had two GMs running from two tables on other sides of the same large room (we played after hours in a game shop).

Each group started at a different entrance to Undermountain. The GMs would take time outs when necessary to consult with each other, and they had time from week to week to meet and talk. They didn't have to consult on much for the first month or so of gaming, as each group was going its own way.

I had a pretty cool thief character who drank from a well and became "indifferent to clothing." I also had a neat little trap-finder device that would bounce around the halls ahead of me trying to spring traps. The device eventually bounced through an invisible portal, and I, unable to curb my curiosity, followed after...never to return to Undermountain.

Then one night the two groups just happened to meet in the same room. It was bound to happen, right? There was no way for the GMs to prepare for what would happen because they didn't know. Well, players being players, we started off mouthing off to each other and then got in a huge PvP battle.

I really think the co-GM thing was cool, with two parties starting at two different entrances and working at their own paces. It seems like something everyone should get to experience at least once.

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