[WFRP 2e] Mordin-Interlude 4

Mordrin Skorkinson, Giant Slayer.

My companions:
Farnoth, Elf Spy

Farnoth, still deep in cover on the druchii black ark, recovered Mordrin from under the body of a dead wyvern. The dwarf was crushed and bleeding badly from the skull. Also a segment of his ribs rose and fell paradoxically with the rest of the dwarf's chest. 

Farnoth spirited Mordrin to a druchii barber-surgeon aboard the ark who owed him a favor. The surgeon patched the hole in Mordrin's head with an ugly slab of druchii metal, pointed in ways that the Witch Elves covet. The surgeon used the same type of metal to drill into Mordrin's broken ribs. He then attached the outer portion of the plate to the set of unbroken ribs above and below the wound. This stabilized the dwarf's flail segment.

After the dwarf was stabilized, Farnoth's contact flipped on the pair, and Mordrin was handed over to the druchii leaders for torture. Farnoth escaped immediate capture to return to hiding on the ark.

Mordrin was questioned and tortured. He had very little information to give the interrogators. This led to innumerable days of questioning at the hand of skilled druchii inquisitors. 

Farnoth found a way to release Mordrin from his prison cell and impending execution. The two spent their days searching for Mordrin's hammer and his doom...not in that particular order.

Unbeknownst to the two, they killed some key players in the druchii plans. One death caused the timing of a druchii attack on the mainland to be disrupted. The Brettonians were able to form a solid defense before the dark elf leadership realized the error.

Various slaves upon the ark were freed, interfering with Witch Elf blood sacrifices. Other freed slaves took it upon themselves to fight their captors and formed a revolt. Within this cover, Farnoth and Mordrin were allowed to slip through druchii claws unawares.

Mordrin found his hammer, Drung Azgul, and decided it was time to leave the black ark. Nothing to this point had been able to kill him. His doom obviously lay elsewhere.


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