Star Wars RPG 1

Our heroes find themselves on Centares, a planet being ecologically devastated by the Empire. They get caught in the crowd as a riot breaks out in front of the imperial governor's mansion. They were offered shelter and accepted it from a then unknown rebel operative named Beka Hath. Beka asked the group to deliver a holo- recording to one Zel Rider on Ord Mantell using a freighter docked in slot 39 at the local starport. Four Stormtroopers were eliminated on the way to the ship. The ship took flight and it's profile was scanned by a star destroyer before it departed Centares. Minor wounds were patched up in flight, and a helpful droid, R4-D9 was found on board.

Ord Mantell was a slightly less troublesome planet. A clandestine meeting with Zel Rider, another rebel operative yielded a reward of 3000 credits for the delivery of the holo-recording of the massacre at Centares. When it dawned upon our heroes that their identities were known to the empire and implicated them in the murder of at least two Stormtroopers, joining the rebellion offered safe harbor, so join they did. Safe harbor is now a secret rebel base inside an asteroid.

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