Weekly Roundup 5

Now that summer break is here and my schedule is less hectic, I'd like to start a new weekly post...a round-up, if you will, of different interesting things I have read through the week. I hope you find these enjoyable...and helpful as well.


Why Encumbrance Matters To Me by Rick Stump (Article)

Encumbrance adds another dimension to the game. It is wonderful for realism, verisimilitude, immersion, or whatever other buzzword you want to use. We all add realism to our fantasy games. I like using this.


PortCon Maine 2014 (Anime/Gaming Convention)

From what I can tell by looking at the schedule, I can play D&D most of the weekend and hit every edition besides 3rd (because the 3e time slots are too long). Huzzah!


Self Sufficient Contest by Random Wizard (PWYW)

Random Wizard's goal is to make the One Page Dungeon Contest self-sufficient. This means that, while prizes provided from the community are always welcome, the contest can afford its own prizes if necessary. I think this is an excellent goal. 

If I have seen this before, I completely forgot about it. The entire rules set of D&D 2e (including the Players Option books) is sitting on this website in its entirety just waiting for you to use it. Free!  I think everyone should have this bookmarked.

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