PortCon: Star Wars RPG

The theme of PortCon Maine 2014 was "All the Cute." Because of this, my friend Ian ran a Star Wars game...with only Wookie, Ewok, and Squib characters. Our characters started out as slaves on a Trandoshan mining outpost, spending all of their day laboring. Things progressed from there:

My character was a female ewok named Teek. She was skilled with a blaster (once she got her hands on one), was small (but everyone else was slow), was a pilot, and was NOT the brightest bulb. The game had some mechanics for playing that out, but I decided to roleplay it.

When we freed ourselves from the oppressive lizards, we needed a way to get our control collars off. Teek's first thought was to shoot them off. When someone else found keys, she decided that might be a better way.

The party needed a route of escape. Teek thought the most clever way out was through the ore processing smelter. Nobody else was willing to brave the fiery inferno of the smelter. At least Teek had wanted to turn the flames off.

When coming upon a bathroom, Teek thought they should escape through the sewers. Neither the furry wookies nor the squibs, who taste by rubbing things on their fur, were up for that idea.

One of our ewok members went missing after a firefight with the Trandoshan. Teek just assumed the ewok was shot and was ready to leave the area without a search.

When nobody could find the other ewok, and someone asked if anyone knew where he might have gone, Teek suggested that sometimes the other ewok went down to the mines.

We thought our missing ewok friend might be hiding on a large (populated) ore transport ship. Nobody could figure out how to find a small ewok on a large ship. Teek suggested flooding the ship with poison gas to flush him out.

Somehow we escaped our slavers, and the Empire military who came to figure out what was going on in this mining colony. Teek helped blind the pursuers by flying straight at the sun so they couldn't see us.

Long live Teek!


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