[D&D 2e] Ruins of Adventure 2:11

Bo - Dwarf Rogue (Artificer)

My Companions
Donovan - Half-Elf Bard/Mage
Lyra - Half-Elf Bard/Psionicist
Yamtwit - Goblin Merchant Priest
Frantiska - Elf Mage/Paladin
Hrud - Human Barbarian
Winona - Human Priest of Tyr
Teldicia - Tiefling Mage (NPC)
Brother Rant - Human Priest of Tyr (NPC)
Sister Rye - Halfling Priest of Tyr (NPC)

From Bo's Journal
My personal quest to recover old engineering plans lost in the human city of Phlan was slowly progressing. On the way from Shadowdale I found a suit of magical, padded armor. Unfortunately, the armor gets in the way when I'm trying to work on projects. I have it stored in my backpack to sell or trade.

The bluderbuss project literally blew up in my face, scorching my hair and beard. I have decided to leave that project until I can research more about gunsmithing. It was only a distraction, anyway, and will not impede my quest. My schematic is rolled up in the scroll tube to examine lat a later date to see exactly what went wrong.

For now, I have joined up with a curious group heading to Melvaunt. They graciously rescued me from some overzealous orcs at a time when I had reached the limit of my stamina and was seeking a safe place to rest.

The group is on a trip to the city of deliver a young human to her family there. On the way, they are looking to sell some antiquities they discovered in an old tower. Nothing there looks to be of dwarf make, which is fortunate since I have no money to pay them for their wares. 

Life about camp seems to run smoothly without my help, so I will sit back and await any future encounters which may benefit from my expertise. In the meanwhile, they have a large quantity of a unique cheese they are all too willing to share. It would go well with a pint of Crypt Thing's special brew back in Shadowdale.

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