[A&A] New Race:Lirapto

Lirapto are a predatory species originating from a different world. They are extremely violent and self-interested. Lirapto reproduce asexually, and before coming to this planet a hundred years ago would leave their young to fend for themselves after only a few weeks.  Those that survive are tough and emotionally jaded. Even now, the young are still abandoned by individuals and cared for by the community as a whole. Their culture has no concept of pair bonding, sexual relationships, or marriage. Ideas like love and affection are weak and rarely expressed.

Lirapto society is completely hierarchical and merit-based. They are highly cognizant of any hierarchical difference between themselves and those around them. They will not even speak to certain individuals if the difference between their social status is large. Because their ways are so alien in general, Lirapto receive -3 to all reaction rolls.

The Lirapto believe that their monotheistic god Orlam has chosen certain individuals to be predestined for greatness. Evidence of this selection must be uncovered by examining the population for those showing signs of extraordinary ability. When a community reaches a certain size, it forms a Council of Peers that is charged with performing these examinations and marking certain individuals as having been chosen by Orlam. These individuals, referred to as The Elect, are then granted extraordinary social advantages over their fellow citizens. Others may take to a life of adventuring.

Nearly every Lirapto aspires to gain membership into this elite status and thus constantly strives to excel in dramatic and public ways. Due to their elite strivings, Lirapto start with 1 extra weapon proficiency.

Lirapto are aggressive by nature, preferring to hunt as a past-time even when it is not necessary to survive. Because they see in the infrared spectrum, Lirapto make excellent hunters at night and use this to their advantage. To reflect these hunting skills, Lirapto receive -5 to their Notice throw. Also, any Lirapto in the Ranger class will get a +1 bonus to their tracking roll. These skills are also reflected in their reflex save.

Aside from differences in sensory organs, Lirapto are strikingly similar to humans. They have roughly the same body proportions and similar internal biology.

Type: Civilized
Vision: Infravision
Hit Dice: d8

Blast: 13+
Death: 15+
Paralysis: 14+
Poisons: 14+
Reflex: 10+
Spells: 16+

(Text adapted from Ambition & Avarice creator Greg Christopher's sci-fi game Cascade Failure.)


Roger said…
Thanks! That is right out of Greg's free Cascade Failure game.

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