[Cascade Failure] Rough Patches

I've had a few more ideas for my first Cascade Failure modules. First the title: Rough Patches. This reflects the state of the ship, Patches, when the crew first sees it.  Instead of an alien civilization taking the ship from the captain to themselves pilot, I now think to have a group of human scrappers taking the ship apart for scrap metal and spare parts. Everything else can be roughly the same.

A group of roughs will be sent from the ship to "dispatch" the captain on the way back (think Oldenhaller Contract ambush from WFRP 1e).  If the roughs fail, their leader will reference the trap when confronting the captain.

I don't have much else right now for fleshing the adventure out. I think a ship map with the location of working scrappers would do a lot toward finishing things.


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