Undead Creatures

We always hear about undead humans: skeletons, ghosts, mummies, vampires. What about undead creatures? What if it’s not just a mummy, but it’s a minotaur mummy? What about a Halfling vampire? (Seriously…nobody expects a Halfling vampire.)

Apparently this is an idea I had in November 2008 that I never followed up on. 


Tarus said…
Actually there were halfing vampires in Ravenloft. :)

No one was safe from the curse: halfings, elves, dwarves... everybody could become a vampire. Hehehe. Aaaaah, those great times...
Roger said…
That's what someone on Google+ was telling me, everything we a vampire in Ravenloft. Unfortunately, I've only played a couple of sessions in Ravenloft, and they were ported over to Castles & Crusades for play. We only met werewolves...that we knew of.

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