On Character Death

If you play in a game that I run, there is a chance that your character might die.

I want you to play in my game. I want you to have fun. I won't seek to kill you. I'll even be rooting for you. However, there are deadly things in the world you are adventuring in.

I need to warn you about these things, as much as possible. (Dragons? They are always deadly. You've been warned.) If you are coming upon a lair, I need to describe the bones outside. I need to let you meet the Ogre butler.  I need to tell you rumors in town.

Where there is a trap containing a block that falls from the ceiling, I need to describe the deep divots on the floor and the bloodstains.

In the past, I have not always lived up to my part. It is completely understandable if this upset you. I will do better in the future. 

I thought it only fair to warn you. If you don't think your character should die, you won't like me very much. That makes me sad, and I'm sorry. 


Tom Coenen said…
I do the same in games I run.
There is chance characters might die if they go to a dangerous place and it's my job to communicate about that.

Until now, no one has died yet, but I have clever and resourceful players.
Roger said…
Yeah, I find that my players are clever enough to overcome things that I don't expect them to.
Philo Pharynx said…
When I read that, I see "This is a game where there are no surprises." At least no lethal surprises.
Roger said…
I can see it being read that way. There can still be some lethal surprises, like poison darts in the chest lock or exploding traps that have never been activated. But if the trap has gone off before, and no one cleaned up the markings, it is fair for me to share them.

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