New Creature: Beak Horror

Art used with permission of the amazing Eric Quigley:

Beak Horror

M 4 WS 48 BS 0 S 3 T 4 W 12 I 40 A 3 Dex 12 Ld 27 Int 29 Cl 41 WP 30 Fel 10

Beak Horrors are an extremely mutated form of beastman, horrendous looking even to other mutated creatures. They are despised by all, and despise all in return, knowing they can never live in any semblance of a unified society or utilize their limbs in a way that would help them create empires. They speak a seductive dialect of the Dark Tongue.

Physique: Beak horrors are conspicuously similar in appearance, as if a pet creation of Tzeentch. The head is horned and fanged. The arms are thin and quick, yet powerful, capped with razor-sharp beaks instead of hands. Their skin in mostly missing, exposing the musculature underneath. They also invariably have goat legs.

Alignment: Chaotic

Special Rules: Seductive voice: When they are able to speak while remaining hidden, the Beak Horror can speak seductive words to a creature’s soul. The creature must make a WP check to break the spell and be able to do anything but listen…and imagine.

Psychological Traits: Beak Horrors are torn between the influence of Tzeentch and Khorne. Sometimes they speak seductive words to their beastman allies about overthrowing the power of those in charge, and sometimes they go on bloodthirsty rampages. When fighting, they go into a Frenzy, making them impervious to Fear and Terror, keeping them from attempting to Parry or Dodge, adding +1 to their Strength, and reducing all damage dealt to them by 1.

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