Magic Item: Bag of Demonologist Beans

I created this many, many years ago (I think I created it…). I don’t see any reason why a PC would want this, or, if they knew what was inside, would use it. Oh well.

These beans were specifically assembled and bagged with the party’s Demonologist in mind.  The GM should have the player describe exactly where they are planting the bean. The rest of the party should describe where they will be watching from, and the entire party should explain what their immediate intentions are afterward (remaining on that spot, backing up, walking away, running away, etc.) and how far they intend to go if they leave. They may or may not get to do what they intent, but the GM needs to be aware of this information before the roll is made.

For the effect, the bean must be planted in the ground. All results are centered directly above where the bean was planted. Let the owner of the bag roll a d20:
  1.  A batch (10d10) of red ferns grow.  For each fern  pulled out of the ground, there are two possible effects. Roll d00. 01-50: The fern is poisonous. Succeed a WP check or fall asleep. The character will remain asleep and cannot be awoken until the ferns are all dead.  They will die in within 10 minutes. 51-00: Heal 1 W (cannot heal over max W).
  2. A tree immediately starts growing and grows to a height of 20 ft. The tree sprouts 2 fruit. When the skin of a fruit is damaged (crushed, bitten, cut, etc.) a device of some sort appears. Roll d30 and consult the Tools chart in the WFRP book, page 296. The tree vanishes after 48 hours, but the items are permanent.
  3. The site of the planting is the origin of a Wind Blast (WFRP pg 156, aimed at a group, lasting 1 minute) which will blast in a random direction. Roll d4: 1=N, 2=S, 3=W, 4=E.
  4. A Zone of Demonic Protection appears, with a 50 ft diameter and lasts for 4 hours, or until dispelled with another zone.
  5. A geyser of demon blood erupts, lasting d12 minutes. The geyser falls on anyone within 12 feet. Anyone touched by this demon blood hears demons speaking in their head and gains d6 insanity points.
  6.  A pheasant jumps up from the soiling, wearing boots. It will try to fly away, but the boots are too heavy.  GM: If the boots are somehow taken off the bird, they will expand to human size. The boots will magically change size to fit anyone who puts them on. They are Boots of Concealment (WFRP pg 184-185).
  7. A 3 foot wide spring bubbles up. The first person to drink from it loses a Disability/Disorder (or all their insanity points if they don’t have a Disorder). Additional drinkers gain one random disorder, applicable regardless of race.
  8. 3d8 Lesser Demons (WFRP pg 257) spring up out of the ground and attack all living things.  They are not subject to instability and always have initiative.
  9. A 60 ft diameter earthquake strikes the area, with the planted bean at its center.
  10.  A Greater Demon (WFRP pg 255) appears and attempts to destroy all living beings it can reach. It is affixed to the spot of the planting without becoming unstable.
  11. A pool of molten lava rises to the surface and expands 10 feet every round for 5 rounds. Anyone caught in the lava receives a S4 hit per round, regardless of armor. The lava remains above ground and slowly cools.
  12. Warp-gasses erupt from the ground within a 60 foot diameter around the bean. Anyone caught in the area must make a WP check or roll on the following d4 table: 1) Permanently gain 1 W. 2) Permanently lose 1 W. 3) Contract Lycanthropy (GM choice of type, WFRP pg 247).  4) Contract a rotting disease as if touched by a Mummy (WFRP pg 250).
  13. Animals from the Produce Small Creature list (WFRP pg 154) appear at the rate of 1 animal per round until 24 animals have arrived. They remain until slain or 30 minutes have passed since the last creature appeared. They behave as if subject to Stupidity (WFRP pg 71).
  14. A spell-sucking cloud arises from the ground, remaining for 20 minutes. It takes up a volume approximately 20 ft high and 40 ft square. It remains dormant until any spell or spell-like effect is activated within. The cloud damages anyone inside for 1W per round per spell level cast.
  15. A Greater Demon (WFRP pg 255) appears and holds immobilized one random target within 90 ft. A Baalrukh (WFRP pg 255) appears and sucker-punches the held being for one round (10 punches).
  16. Demonic hands reach up from the ground and grab any creature that does not make a successful Initiative check. The hands grasp for 10d8 hours.
  17. A pit, 40 feet square and 10d10 feet deep open up, containing a large flame.
  18. An opening in the ground appears. If entered and explored, it turns out to be Hell. The opening, which is really a long-distance Gate, closes after 18 hours. Characters remain on whichever side they happen to be at the time.
  19. A simulacrum of the bean planter rises up from the ground. The duplicate initially joins forces with the planter (if allowed). After 2d10 days, it decides to break off and establish a life of its own. D10 days after that, it melts.
  20. A rowboat appears, with 2 Lesser Demons (WFRP pg 257) in the midst of rowing.

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