J is for Jabberwock

Continuing further on my inadvertent tour through WFRP 1e Bestiary creatures I've never used...

The jabberwock is advertised as a barely distinguishable race of chaos creatures. They are "very brave, very aggressive but rather stupid." They have a very high weapon skill, are stronger and tougher than an ogre, and have a whole lot of wound points. They are very deadly as listed, causing fear, terror, with a venomous bite, and are able to regenerate. I expect the group would rather meet a giant.

Now that I think of it, this creature sounds great for the slayer in the group looking for something between giant and daemon.  I bet any slayer heading north into the Chaos Wastes could almost be guaranteed of finding a jabberwock...

(Unknown to most, the Jibber-jabberwock can do all the things listed above, but would rather sit around and talk your ear off about esoteric subjects mankind was never meant to understand.)

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