E is for Elder Abednego

Elder Abednego is a high priest of Solkan, the "Avenger" god of law. In his role, the Elder had been given almost elementalist-like control over fire. Solkan allows the Elder to purge his enemies with flame. A benefit of this power is that Elder Abednego is able to walk through flames unharmed.

This NPC has never been in my games before now, but I did have a friend who played an initiate of Solkan. I don't believe his character made it to Priest Level 1, but I do know he was obsessed with getting a flaming sword. This NPC is on his behalf.

Constant Effect: Elemental Spell, Level 2 - Resist Fire

Petty Magic:
Magic Flame
Zone of Warmth

Battle Magic 1:
Fire ball

Battle Magic 3:
Animate Sword
Curse of Arrow Attraction

Elemental Spells 1:
Hand of Fire

Elemental Spells 2:
Cause Fire

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