Star Wars RPG 5

(Our alias names are in quotation marks to begin.)

"Jax" and "Baptiste" were preparing for an excursion to Dantooine as part of "Baptiste's" personal quest as well as making a side trip to the scrapyards of Ord Mantell. While they were out "Amaza" was running the shop in the Jundland wastes, while "Boz" was minding the storefront in Mos Espa.

While Jax and Baptiste were finding success in their missions, Amaza was finding herself spending a little too much time solely in the company of droids. With Boz not answering the comm at the town house, She decided to investigate. Finding the house in a state of disarray, Amaza struck out in search of Boz. 

Amaza found a strange sight on the streets of Mos Espa, stormtroopers. In the custody of the empire was a Trandoshan being led away in cuffs for creating a disturbance. When the moment presented itself, the Trandoshan made his move, and was assisted by Amaza. Within moments there were four dead stormtroopers and two new fugitives in the street. 

After a quick return to the house, and some hasty introductions, the search for Boz was back on. Boz was contacted by communicator and it turned out he was in a cantina getting his drink on and eating meat on a stick. Communications were quickly cut off, and Amaza and Strax started searching one cantina after another. 

With night fully settled upon Mos Espa, the seach for Boz was over and Amaza and Strax returned to the house, only to find the house messier than when they left. Clothes were strewn here and there in a path to a door leading to Boz's room. Inside were a naked Boz and a young woman named Nicole who claimed that Boz was going to be her "daddy" and take her far away from Tatooine to live the good life on his family fortune. Amaza gruffly explained that Boz had no money and was not leaving Tatooine anytime soon. Nicole bolted from the house collecting her clothing as she went. Boz woke briefly to stagger out to the kitchen and eat some meat on a stick and urinate in a corner before being locked in his room for the remainder of the night. During his hangover the next day, Boz was chastised again for his behavior and made to clean his mess. 

Everyone eventually returned to the Hangar and unloaded the Golden Goose of the parts scavenged. Baptiste returned to continue her training and after several days of meditation completed her lightsaber. Meanwhile, back at the hangar, Jax and the rest of the team completed assembling two of the three fighters from parts that they had scavenged. Things are looking up for our little band of rebels.

The Trandoshan doesn't really know he's joined a rebel cell, but Jax is slowly working him and prepping him to be sympathetic...hopefully.


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