[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 22

Mordrin Skorkinson, Giant Slayer.

My companions:
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Gustav Jaeger - Human Priest of Verena
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Ehrwig Hofstetter - Imperial Knight (Griffin?/Panther?) of Sigmar

From Mordrin's point of view:

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Mordrin's Doom

Mordrin lit the smoke bomb and once again heard the deep elgi phrases from the other side of the door. He smashed the doors open with his hammer and surveyed the room on the other side. There was a dark elf near the door, shocked at the dwarf's violent entry. The wyvern on the other side of the room held Mordrin's attention.

Mordrin ignored the elf, having slain many of them in the past and not finding them worth his time and effort. The creature on the other side of the room was much larger than the last wyvern he encountered. And he was alone to fight it this time.

The beast was also surprised at the dwarf's entry and didn't react at all to the slayer's charge. With one last cry of "Khazuk!" Mordrin swung his hammer and connected with the creature's chest. The beast began to slip off it's perch, and Mordrin grabbed on to it with his gauntleted hand.

The momentum and weight of the dwarf through the creature completely off balance, and the two tumbled in a long fall off the side of the ark toward the unrelenting ground below.

A New Friend

Maximillian Morningglory was hiding in the woods under an outcropping. He had agitated the wrong community.

The halfling had only been trying to be helpful. Everyone needed to know about the dangers of chaos and mutants. The fact that Dunkelburg had been intolerant to his speeches indicated it may harbor an evil secret. Maximillian wouldn't have felt comfortable remaining anyway.

He had been a simple Fieldwarden of the moot before an undead attack had left his parents dead and his five siblings missing. Since that time he had roamed the land to teach people that chaos was real and that no one was safe. Some towns didn't appreciate the warning.

It was raining in the woods, and the halfling had a small fire smouldering under the outcropping. His pony, Magnus, was tied up nearby, munching on grass. He was just weighing the benefits of a drier locale vs the risk of getting soaked and catching a cold when he began to hear scraping and voices from the rocks behind him. He stood up and moved to the other side of the fire as a sinkhole appeared and a humanoid creature pulled itself up out of the ground.

Maximillian gathered his courage and challenged the creature. "Back, Mudbeast!" The figure did not halt. Instead, others began to emerge from the hole. The halfling scrambled for his sling. A muddy elf pulled himself up from the hole, and Maximillian began to relax. Everyone knew that elves couldn't be affected by chaos.

The rain washed away the mud from the party who had emerged from the sinkhole. There were two elves and three humans. One human, the first who had emerged, was some sort of Imperial knight and had not taken too kindly to being called a chaos "mudbeast." Another was an affable human in fancy traveling clothes. He politely asked Maximillian where, and when, they were. The third human immediately stood by the fire and began writing. The elves talked amongst themelves and also spoke to the writer about a dwarf they recently left behind.

Maximillian offered to lead them to another nearby town, Stimmigen. He suggested that they not travel to the chaos-loving town of Dunkelburg, though the place seemed to pique the knight's interest. 

The travelers exited the forest camp and headed down the path toward Stimmigen. At times they were encouraged to hurry by barks and howls that came from the forest. For the most part, it wasn't a bad trip. Maximillian was able to ride his pony and keep abreast of the party. 

Around the time they were considering camping for the night, they came upon a post along the road that indicated a house set into the woods. They decided to follow this trail and see if they might find lodging for the night. Upon setting sight of the house, they could see a large Tilean sign roughly translated as "Friendship House." After proving they weren't imperial tax collectors, the party was allowed to spend the night in the tack house.

The owner of the home was encouraged by the party's interest in wine, and Maximillian offered to help in the kitchen. The owner's son was not impressed by the party, but did admit to a fondness for cherry turnovers. The group tasted wine and told stories, while the halfling made pastries good enough to win over the most hardened soul. 

When the party retired to the tackhouse for the night, the scholarly members pored over some books and trinkets they had brought with them. The halfling listened on, amazed at the conversation that developed. This group was on some kind of serious chaos hunt. Maximillian sobered from his cheerful attitude, remembered the tragedy at his home, and decided to aid these travelers in their plight against the ruinous powers.

It turns out he might not have been the only one hearing these tales for the first time, as there was suddenly the sound of someone on the roof over their heads. They had an eavesdropper, and Maximillian thought he knew exactly who it was.

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