Dwimmermount Level 1 Session 5 Highlights

My PC:
Spade the fighter of somewhat dubious fighting ability (when the stats don't lead anywhere else, you can always be a fighter...I don't have a PR bonus, though). When he's not fighting to pay the bills, he's a hobbyist archaeologist. I thought it fit the Dwimmermount premise.

My henchman:
Ranaulf. He didn't do anything notable this time out.

Encounters and dungeon dressing:
  • The oil we burned off from under the door was back by the time we returned. We soaked up a path through the middle using dungeon dust, dirt, and debris. The cavern we were looking for was on the other side.
  • There were more little creatures (the emaciated gremlins) in the caverns. They ran when we slayed 3 of them in the first round.
  • We found gremlin(?) treasure hidden in a hollowed out stalagmite. Actually, a hireling found it. He's a good one, that hireling.
  • We found the key to the treasure room bricked up in a semi-worked part of the caverns. We ignored the rest of the caverns and headed back to the treasure room.
  • The scratching noises on the other side of the door sobered us a bit. We returned to the oracle before going in.
  • The Oracle beside the entrance told us there was a wight in the treasure room, which changed all our plans for the night. We were in no shape to fight a level-draining undead creature. We went west then south instead. 
  • We found an old "captain's chair". I henchman sat in it and it broke.
  • We ambushed 6 orcs who were about to count some treasure they found. The magic-user put them all to sleep. We took their stuff and brought them back to town for bounty.
  • It was time to re-equip and prepare for the wight, so we ended there.
Until next session, my retainer and I will be getting our weapons silvered, buying a few supplies, organizing my memoir notes, copying them, and delivering a copy to the local library for archiving.

Victor is another fighter. Read his recap.

[Note: One must not conclude that Dwimmermount is an unexciting place. Instead, consider our lack of progress through the lens of a) it's only a 2 hour, online sitting, b) we spent a good half hour waiting for everyone to log on and their technology to work, and c) we spent another 15 minutes getting all the characters and hirelings in line and making a marching order. Indeed, we're lucky if we adventured for little more than an hour. This is in no way the fault of Dwimmermount, which is still a mountain of ancient secrets waiting to be rediscovered.]

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