Dwimmermount Level 1 Session 4 Highlights

My PC:
Spade the fighter of somewhat dubious fighting ability (when the stats don't lead anywhere else, you can always be a fighter...I don't have a PR bonus, though). When he's not fighting to pay the bills, he's a hobbyist archaeologist. I thought it fit the Dwimmermount premise.

Newly acquired henchman:
I mostly wanted someone who could help scribe my exploits, copy down markings we found on walls, etc. What the Meatshields program gave me was a human male fighter with 2 HP who had taken an oath of silence. That worked for me. Maybe he was looking to join a monestary. Whatever the case, I grabbed him and put him in the marching order right behind me.

Encounters and dungeon dressing: 
  • The Oracle beside the entrance told us we could find the key to the door guarding the treasure (that it had told us about previously) in a cavern to the southeast. Therefore, southeast was our goal for the night. 
  • We found the stairs going down to level 2, but ignored them because we hadn't gotten our treasure from level 1 yet. 
  • More ghostly images replaying a scene ad infinitum. 
  • Old barracks with some unopened footlockers which contained 40 GP and 300 SP. 
  • An old library with a slightly charred magical scroll (sold for 750 GP), an ornate hand drawn and illuminated map of a far off Thulian locale (sold for 500 GP), and a war codex which give fighters (me!) 500 XP after reading. 
  • Some kind of pack of emaciated gremlins ransacking a room that we might have wanted to ransack. They ended up killing 2 retainers before we could exterminate them. 
  • A room with boxes that looked to make the gremlin-type creatures. 
  • A room with oil around the other door, which we suspected may be a trap, so we lit it on fire before someone or something else could light it on fire while we were standing in it. We went back to town to refresh and recuperate while the oil burns off and the smoke clears. 
In all, we are having a great time exploring this level. The oracle has given us a couple goals, and it seems helpful to be goal-oriented when exploring a level of Dwimmermount. Otherwise, you're just going to randomly check doors and ignore unexplored areas when you find the next set of stairs.

Until next session, my retainer and I will be organizing my memoir notes, copying them, and delivering a copy to the local library for archiving.

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