Alternate AD&D 2e Setting: Verdendrage Dragon Lords

A while back I posted about my friend's home-brewed world for D&D 2e. I have some of his notes. Since so much has to do with Dragons, I thought I'd share what I found about the Wyrm Lords:

(I'm still trying to get him to give me a name for this world, making tagging and finding these posts easier...)

The Great Wyrm Lords

Silver – Tundra of Northland
Red – Mountains
Black – Swamps of the west
Green – The forests/taiga
Gold – Deceased. Destroyed in the revolution
Gray – Coastal areas
Blue – The oceans
Yellow – The deserts
White – Tundra of Southland

They once ruled the whole known world using humans, dwarves, elves, and Halflings as servants and food (a delicacy). About 700 winters ago, a small force of Drakoons lead the humanoids in revolt against the Wyrm Lords who had become complacent in their 900 winters rule of domination. The 10 Drakoons and their humanoid armies drove the Wyrm Lords from the Eastern lands. The 10 Drakoons began to divide the east under their rule, but the humans and their allies had already had a taste of freedom and its rewards. The allies divided evenly between the humanoid races and the Draco races.

Coming soon...What's a Drakoon?

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