Magic Item: Stone Dagger

Stone Dagger

This item is a well-made stone dagger lashed to a solid wood hilt. There is nothing obviously magical about it, but it will show up as a moderately powered magical item on a Detect Magic/Sense Magic check.

There are no plusses to the dagger, but it will allow you to hit all creatures which require a magical weapon to damage. The magic of the dagger is activated when used in combat.

When this dagger is thrust into an opponent’s body, the creature stabbed is turned to stone.  There are some caveats:

  • PCs and high level NPCs (exact definition left up to the game master) get a saving throw vs petrification. (WarHammer characters make a T check)
  • Since the dagger must be thrust into an opponent, the hit must do 3-4 damage on a d4 (5-6 damage if your system allows daggers to use d6). Any less damage can be considered a slash. This means that a successful backstab will always activate the magical power.
  • If the dagger is removed from the opponent’s body, the opponent reverts to flesh and blood.  A Stone to Flesh spell will also revert the creature to flesh and blood.

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