Cascade Failure Intro Adventure

As I’ve noted before, I figure to use Cascade Failure as a kind of Serenity RPG replacement. It’s rather interesting to imagine Firefly produced that way; Malcolm Reynolds doesn’t deal with the dregs of society because he’s avoiding the Alliance, he deals with them because they are the only ones left surviving after an interstellar war.  Add some more races in, and add some Reavers to Cascade Failure, and you have a perfect mash-up.

Therefore, my Cascade Failure game will surely have a ship. My first adventure will just be about the ship. I figure one character can be the captain. He recruited the other characters to help him retake his ship, which has been grounded and taken over by some kind of bandits (maybe one of the Factions listed in the rules). The first adventure involves the characters getting to know each other and their mission (first hour), make their way through obstacles to get back to the ship (second hour), liberate  the ship from the bandits (third hour), and explore the ship/make it home (fourth hour).

As you can see from reading yesterday’s post, it’s not exactly reinventing a new adventure idea, as that’s the same as my Novarium idea. Rather it’s just adjusting it to fit the different genre, which is exactly what I feel Greg did with his second game.

Further adventures will take place with the ship as the “home base” and the characters having to forage around the planet for items they need to get the ship back up and running.  I don’t imagine getting the characters into space until well into the game. That would give me time, as the GM, to get my outer space all planned and seeded with rumors and planets with material goods.  

You can download this sci-fi RPG for free here

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