[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 34

My Character
Gairloch Ironheart - Svirfneblin Priest of Grumbar

Jemmabink - Gnome fighter
Vahael Corrolon - Human Cleric of Helm
Nina - Human Paladin of Helm
Leonardo - Human Summoner
Revoltac - Elf Ranger

(Previous notes)

Return to Eveningstar

The party returned to Eveningstar from their recent assignment via Arabel. On the way into Eveningstar, Jemma wanted to stop to give young Anna some candy she bought in Arabel. Then it was on to see Lord Tessaril Winter. King Azoun was also with Lord Tessaril, awaiting our return. He was glad the party retrieved his dagger, but would not take it from us. Lord Tessaril did that on our way out. Instead, the King invited us to Suzail for his birthday party! Nina, being a paladin from Suzail, told us it was a very prestigious event and that only the top ranks were invited. The King said the party would be held at Lord Partic Thistle's.

Return to The Keep

The party returned to their keep, Keep Vigilant, to find 3 bugbears had attacked in our absence. The current retainers felt they did well defending the keep and that they did not need any reinforcements. The party set Leonardo up in the rooms previously inhabited by the summoner Kaiden. The talk from thereon out was about the King's birthday party two weeks hence.

Everyone had to buy clothing and accouterments suitable for a party with the king.  Gairloch commissioned a large sardonyx pendant with an inscription of Grumbar's symbol, as well as proper priestly vestments, which he had not brought with him from the Underdark.

The party's other task was to try to acclimate their claustrophobic elf ranger to crowded parties. Leonardo brewed a potion, and the party tried it out with a visit to Eveningstar's nightlife. The trial was a success. Revoltac mingled and danced with some locals. Jemma chatted up the barkeep and the traveling minstrel. Gairloch practiced some songs with the live band. And Leonardo himself took to dancing, albeit quite poorly.

Bugbear Attack

The party returned to their keep, still in their party attire. On the way, they were met by Revoltac's bear, Kodi. The bear had been wounded by arrows and directed the party's attention toward the treeline around the keep. Flaming arrows from inside the keep also warned the party something was afoul. Gairloch magically Cured Light Wounds the bear's injuries while a troop of bugbears attacked! The party raced for the keep's gate.

Jemma stopped at the gate to more effectively utilize her Breech Gnome skills. Leonardo stopped just inside to summon aid. Nina went inside for her and Jemma's favored weapons. Vahael stopped to heal a wounded elf, one of Revoltac's cousins. Unarmored and without a weapon, Gairloch raced to the top of the outer wall to use his spells.

Jemma and Nina, with help from Leonardo's many summoned creatures, defeated 15 bugbears at the door of the keep. Gairloch had used Flame Strike to stun the leader, and Earthenair to pound him down more before one of Revoltac's cousins could finish the large bugbear with an arrow.

The party was sure to revisit the idea of hiring reinforcements to defend the keep.

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