Did I Play an X Card?

It finally happened. My Warhammer character failed a Terror test, and then failed her Insanity check. The GM said we'd get around to finding my disability later, and my character failed 3 Terror checks in a row, so I had plenty of time during combat to look up the options of mental disabilities.

By the time combat was done, I had looked through them all. There were some that seemed to fit my situation better than others, and there were two I wasn't interested in playing at all.

I spend every workday dealing intimately with addicts. It gets to be very taxing at times. During my game time, I don't want to have to roleplay a weirdroot or mandrake addict or an alcoholic. That's just no fun to me, though I could probably do it with uncanny accuracy. When the time came to roll, I stated these feelings out in the open.

Luckily I rolled one of the disabilities that seemed to fit my situation perfectly. I'm sure the GM would have let me reroll if I had rolled one of the disabilities that would have ruined my fun. Still, did I play an X card?

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