Did I Play an X Card?

It finally happened. My Warhammer character failed a Terror test, and then failed her Insanity check. The GM said we'd get around to finding my disability later, and my character failed 3 Terror checks in a row, so I had plenty of time during combat to look up the options of mental disabilities.

By the time combat was done, I had looked through them all. There were some that seemed to fit my situation better than others, and there were two I wasn't interested in playing at all.

I spend every workday dealing intimately with addicts. It gets to be very taxing at times. During my game time, I don't want to have to roleplay a weirdroot or mandrake addict or an alcoholic. That's just no fun to me, though I could probably do it with uncanny accuracy. When the time came to roll, I stated these feelings out in the open.

Luckily I rolled one of the disabilities that seemed to fit my situation perfectly. I'm sure the GM would have let me reroll if I had rolled one of the disabilities that would have ruined my fun. Still, did I play an X card?


UltraJosua said…
Playing an RPG is meant to be fun for everyone, the rules are only there to help us acheive this. If the rule don't make it fun for you, the GM and your team should be able to twist them so everyone is having a good time. Don't feel bad, it's 100% normal to not want to deal with real life trouble ingame, I assure you :)

Granger44 said…
I feel like it's okay to say "I don't want to play X because Y". RPGs are games about having fun, and if something would ruin your fun, it's good that you brought it up rather than just trying to roll with it. It probably didn't hurt that you stated this all before rolling too.
Roger said…
I wanted to be right out in the open, and not make it seem like I was whining if I didn't roll what I wanted.

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