[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 10.5

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Protagonist

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Mercenary
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Engineer
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Barber Surgeon

(Previous Notes)

Wilhelm kicked over the body the zealot that struck him with the whip...a woman! Her features otherwise indeterminate beneath the filth and rags of her dedication to Sigmar.

Johann and Varvenshyael found cover from the looming megalith for the Verenan Roderic Leer. Unconscious still, Varvenshyael considered Leer's words, "I know the truth." Johann considered these words and the condition of the priest. He will live.

Tankred considered the megalith, the ragged entrance and torches that revealed little about what lied beyond them. In the quiet of the mind, punctuated only by the words of Johann and Varvenshyael over the priest, the echoes of Wilhelm's hand cannon remained.

The shadow of the megalith lengthened as the sun set, and a slight breeze moved the cloud of vapor which rose over the structure to the east.

Around the party lied a wide and long lost settlement of stone structures. Centuries old. Campfire pits and poor lean-to shelters crowded what fallen down corners of structures remained. The detritus of the zealots was practically worthless. Only scraps of poorly bound editions of The Life of Sigmar, prayer boards, and flagellant whips could be found amid the remains of unleavened campfire breads and bones of rats and dogs for food.

Tankred took charge: "We'll need a defensible position while the doctor tends to the Verenian. V, can you guard them while I scout for a structure that will suffice? Wilhelm, I need you to gather materials for a fire, and whatever blankets there may be. We don't have bedding for a fifth."

Vaervenshyael was confident she could defend everyone from the local unarmed human filth.

Tankred went to look for a relatively intact shelter that could be used to funnel incoming attackers. 

A quick survey of the area revealed no other zealots. Wilhelm was able to easily gather firewood from lean twos and stores zealots had previously made.

The shadows of the megalith lengthened as the afternoon gave way to evening. The tumble down debris strewn entrance in the wall of the megalith was more dimly lit as the single torch began to sputter.

Any inspection of the megalith from the outside revealed no other windows or openings. Only the roof or the wooden platform nested high above appeared to offer any vantage point.

Each of the party knew that a fire lit below could be seen from above. 

Tankred was beginning to suspect that the Sigmarites raised and lowered the platform above to gain entrance. He suggested making several small fires in their fire pits as if the zealots were still down below, and then tending to the priest.

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