Q: Which is More of a Carrot For You as a Player: XP or a Cool Magic Item? -Tenkar's Tavern

A: I've gotten to the point, in Warhammer at least, where XP doesn't really matter. Probably because we get more than enough each sitting. Even if we didn't, I can't see myself changing the way I play just to earn more XP. I am lucky that my GM gives me XP for the session write-ups I post here (and would do without the extra experience).

In the end, I just want to be able to have the trappings I need to play the character I want to play. Sometimes I'd rather have a horse, or a bodyguard, or a minion more than I want GP or XP. I want an opportunity to ply my trade and to excel at it. In D&D that might mean an opportunity to thieve or cast a spell or banish undead. For Warhammer it's to hunt a vampire, slay a named daemon, or incite the populace to take up arms against a herd of beastmen.


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