WFRP Dwarves vs Chaos Dwarves

I was rereading the history of the Known World in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e book (seriously, if you need inspiration for your game/adventure/campaign, look there) when an idea hit me. Chaos dwarves were regular dwarves who were warped by chaos because they live too far north. In their heart, though, they are still dwarves.

In my game, chaos dwarves are shamed by and will not fight regular dwarves. Chaos dwarves will happily fight everyone else, humans, goblins, and especially elves, but they will not raise a hand against regular dwarves. This is due to a lingering sense of honor.

Perhaps this only applies to chaos dwarves who were alive and were regular dwarves themselves before chaos tainted them. Perhaps new generations of chaos dwarves never knew anything other than their current situation and therefore have no problem slaughtering their normal kin.

Or maybe chaos dwarves don't procreate and every new "generation" is another wave of chaos corrupting another normal dwarf. There's another idea to ponder.


Darcy Perry said…
I like that a lot. It ties in to the strong sense of kinship that Dwarves have. Perhaps this shame in being tainted by Chaos might make them turn on their allies also? A chance of redemption before death?
Roger said…
That is a GREAT idea and well within the Warhammer theme. I love it.

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