SnowCon 2014 Game 3

The third SnowCon game I'm running is actually Dwimmermount. Last year I ran this using Ambition & Avarice rules. As fun as those rules are, I really needed a game I could just jump into with little prep this year. Warhammer is that game for me, so I'm moving Dwimmermount to the Warhammer world.

I've got to set the megadungeon in Lustria to help explain some of the more...technological...aspects. Convention-goers won't care where the dungeon is set; it doesn't really matter in the four-hour scope of the game. For my purposes, though, I need it to make sense. Plus, I want to continue it each year at SnowCon.

Here's my game blurb:
After years of rumors, the gates of Dwimmermount have opened. Of the first conscripts sent in, only one returned. He was insane, mumbling about ghosts and undead warriors...but he had a map. Now it's your turn to see what the fuss is about.
I have all the pregenerated characters made. This group will be starting out without any extra advances or experience. They are, however, a bit more powerful careers than my Burning Plague (Game 1) pregens.

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