[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 21

Mordrin Skorkinson, Giant Slayer.

My companions:
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Gustav Jaeger - Human Priest of Verena
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Ehrwig Hofstetter - Imperial Knight (Griffin?/Panther?) of Sigmar

From Mordrin's point of view:

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The Heroes of Helmgart left the city, riding beasts of burden, determined to be sure Groz Zorn was still clear of the influence of Chaos. The wizard and the priest spent much time speaking of all things magic. Mordrin occasionally yelled at his mule for being stubborn.

The party reached the stone quarry, and the elf ran off to check on the horse he had left here many, many weeks ago. Mordrin, Gustav, and Ehrwig were distracted by a magic ritual going on in the ruins of a building.

Mordrin recognized the mad dwarf, young Ella, even while Ehrwig charged her to stop "her evil spell." Mordrin had no way of knowing if the spell was evil, and he knew the knight didn't either, so he stepped in front of the attacking knight.

Mordrin parried the knight's attack, while Gustav fiddled with Ella's magical accouterments. Udrin ran over, alarmed by our outcries, and helped the priest sort things out. Udrin skimmed through the book of magic Gustav had snatched and came to the conclusion that Ella was indeed casting an evil ritual of vengeance.

Udrin attempted to get the dwarf to mete justice out on Mad Ella, stating it was up to dwarves to judge other dwarves. Mordrin's place as a slayer kept him from being willing to participate. He stated, "I am dishonored. She is crazy. I have no right to mete judgement on her, but I will not stand in the way if you wish to." Mordrin walked away from the situation, not knowing who landed the killing blow on the crazy priestess.

(Aside: This was a great opportunity for an insanity point for Mordrin, but he passed a willpower check.)

In the meadow of Groz Zorn, the overtired party encountered a line of twelve piked, tortured dwarves. This sight was enough to disturb the mind of the dwarf, until he recognized them as dawi zharr (chaos dwarves). Someone powerful had left quite a warning display.

Groz Zorn itself was eerily empty, though the party found multiple charges of gunpowder lit to go off. Someone had been there recently, set the place to explode, and left. The party set about putting out the flames very carefully. Further review of the underground areas confirmed it was deserted. The chaos orb was hardened and deactivated.

Further to the east of the solidified orb was a path leading to an underground river. A bridge spanned the river, with a doorway on the other side. The elf activated the doorway, and the party charged through.

They appeared in a room with windows overlooking a beach. There were small villages scattered about, and everywhere pipes stuck out of the grounds expelling noxious smoke. Some of the party became seasick as they figured out the land they were on was moving. The elf was able to use his astronomy skills to orient them somewhere in the ocean to the west of Brettonia...floating in the sea on an enormous island.

He has not explained the ramifications of this find, but Mordrin hopes it includes a heroic doom. Drung Azgul has been unused for too long.

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