Post-Apocalyptic Genre

Here's what I like about post-apocalyptic: I like finding a habitable space and making it safe and sufficient to life. I know debris or radiation may have to be cleaned up (well, if there's radiation, it may not be habitable). I know mutated creatures may have to be cleaned out. But I want to slowly build my safe zone.

There have been times when I thought this way about D&D. I wanted to clear out a dungeon and see about making it my own. Then, with the Expert box, I was more interested in finding an old castle/keep to clear out and make my own.

It didn't take long to realize that I like the traveling and exploration part of D&D. I want to go somewhere else, find something new. I don't particularly want to settle down. It has been a long time since I made plans for what I'd do with my cleared-out keep.

A post-apocalyptic game is different for me. I want to find a safe zone and only travel out when necessary, say to resupply. It's these little differences that keep other genres fresh and interesting.

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