[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 5

Martin - Human Muleskinner
Talbberry - Halfling Scribe
Larry - Human Bawd turning Bodyguard
Wilfried - Human Bawd
Wilhelm - Human Trader
Othmar - Entertainer/Bunko Artist

(Previous Sitting)

No one hits like Gascon.
No one crits like Gascon.
No one swings, no one swears, no one spits like Gascon.

It took the whole party piling onto Gascon to hold him down. A few tried individually, which ended with bruised ribs, bruised pride, and a halfing punted an impressive number of yards. 

No one punts like Gascon, 
Drop-kicks runts like Gascon… 

The party was FINALLY able to get paid for all services rendered (the burgomeister tried to underpay us, but Wilfried was all over that money). It didn’t take long after payment was received before the party headed back toward the Altdorf Road, with a new member: Emmanuelle.

Regensdorf had requested the party to send Roadwardens their way if met on the road. The party made nominal effort at the first in, but, alas, none were to be found. (There’s no way Garcon will ever be found following the party, berserk to regain Emmanuelle’s affections…). The coach was still at the inn, waiting for the party to return from their side trek. The coach took the party the rest of the way to Altdorf.

In the capitol city, nothing was as expected. The prince the party had arrived to work for had already left for his noble quest. Instead waiting for them was a sea of crook and catchpurse. It seemed the whole city existed for the singular purpose of separating the party from its money. Two rogues approached our undercover inheritor with vague words and strange gestures. Othmar bluffed his way through the encounter and arranged a meet-up for later.

The party’s bumblings through town were put to a halt by an old acquaintance of Martin, our Muleskinner. The boatman helped the party find a place to stay and a place to eat...and drink. Except some young nobles and their retinue entered the establishment looking for a fight. None of the party was in a mind to oblige, and we left without throwing a punch. It only cost a little wounded pride and probably loss of reputation. But, boy, Wilfried did get a good dig on the hired Protagonist’s mother!

The party headed to the docks to set sail for Bogenhafen post haste; Altdorf had been anything but welcoming. We were ambushed on the way, and the ambushers mysteriously killed from afar before we could mount a solid defense. Not wanting to take the time to figure this most recent mystery out, we continued to the boat. Joseph was heading south and wanted to hire us on as extra hands.

The party floated south, feeling we were being followed by various groups on land, especially a group of Roadwardens. They do not attempt to halt or hail the boat, so we were free to continue on our way.

At our destination, someone notices a large fellow eying us. Someone had also happened to see him eying us on our arrival in Altdorf, so the party started asking questions about him around town. It seems the man was a Bounty Hunter also recently arrived in town.

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