[WFRP 2e] Relics of Nehekara 1

Erik Holt - Human Tomb Robber

My companions
Lunn - Dwarf Gaoler
Bungo - Halfling Grave Robber
Fyodor - Human Badlander
Pappy - NPC Human Beggar
Mr Cheesers - Lunn's pet rat

(Previous Notes)

Jahrdrung 14th, 2532

We arrived in Padua with a caravan of dwarves from Barak Varr. They wouldn't tell us what they were transporting, but the dwarves otherwise welcomed us into their group. The road was long and hard, and there wasn't hardly enough food for the trek, but we had arrived at our destination. This would be our launching point to riches!

The local inn, Katerina's Rest, had 3 available rooms but outrageous prices. I elected to stay in an abandoned building across the street.

Gossip was aplenty in Katerina's Rest (the locals call it The Rest for short. I'm going to have to adopt their parlance if I'm to fit in). The mountains were said to be 3 days to the north west, by foot. There were lots of greenskins and undead about. And there were 4 other people looking to hook up with a group. Strength in numbers and all that.

Pappy danced around, very happy to be here.

The next morning, we were all awakened to an incredible ruckus. There was going to be a hanging! We arrived at the gallows to see Tankred, the prince of Padua, standing over the victims. With Tankred were the dwarves from our caravan and a Myrmidian in battle armor.

Tankred explained that these criminals had been caught stealing from the local temple of Verena. Others in the ruffian group had escaped with a kidnapped priest!

We watched the hanging and let things settle down before asking Prince Tankred about a reward for his missing priest...since we were heading out of town to search for treasure anyway. He stated we would be rewarded with "station in Padua and coin in your pocket" if we brought back the priest, Roderick. We were to know him by his priestly robes and his pendant of office. Plus he answers to Roderick.

Pappy was so excited to leave for the hills that he ran into the local grocery store to stock up. Of course, Pappy has no money. I bought as much food as I could and followed Fyodor out of town. I would say he's in charge of this venture. He's very enthusiastic about our quest and knowledgeable about the Badlands.

There was a town to the north called Lauterburg. We were headed in that direction when we found two people following our trail.



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