Thoughts On The Veiled Society

The Festival of Lucor

What a railroad! It is a good set up. The characters get comfortable in town and unwittingly choose sides. So far, all I can think is making it a Warhammer adventure instead of D&D.

Beneath The Floors

Another strong-arm into adventure, leading to a short dungeon crawl. What they find in the crawl sets up the rest of the adventure.

The Investigation

Not much of an actual investigation, just the PCs forced to accompany the law to the scene of a crime. Then they can start looking for clues or going their own way if they want.


This covers most of the major actions the PCs could take during the day's riots. Will they become revolutionary leaders of the people or watch from the shadows?


The adventure is heavy-handed toward splitting the party and having them fight each other here. Most groups I've played with will have come up with alternate plans by now.

Further Investigation

Most groups I know will have considered the end of Employment to be adventure over. I don't know about this section. What will keep them investigating?

The Chase

Still thought the adventure was over after employment. Cool chase scene, but I'd have to make sure to get the party to that spot.

The Chamber of the Veiled Ones

This is where the adventure officially ends. One addition I'd make is that the elf captive is mute, having had his tongue taken out long ago. Everything else can remain (and he can still write...).

This is definitely going in my cache as a Warhammer adventure. And I think maybe the three warring families should be vampires. That should make things sufficiently Warhammer.

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