[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 41

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/???
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician
Van Duster - Mercenary NPC
Imeltrud - Knight, liason to Mathilda NPC
Gertie - Knight, liason to Mathilda NPC

(Previous Notes)

The party followed the Verenean apprentice, Acolyte Jervais Duchez, through the clogged streets of Barak Varr and into the temple quarter.  The party was concerned with lodgings, so they were shown to The Stonecutter's Thumb (Den Daumen des Steinbrechers). The proprieter was a short, old halfling woman.

Those interested enjoyed a warm bath. The party then met downstairs, where the boys started drinking all the Bugman's they could get their hands on...and for quite a hefty price.

GM: Aubentag, Kaldezeit 13, 2531

The party settles near the hearth of The Stonecutter's Thumb. The weeks of trail riding and constant alertness takes a physical toll. Having bathed, eaten, and relaxed with pints of Bugman's Best, the tension seems to be dropping quickly, aided by a promise of a round of beers to shortly be delivered.

The "Thumb" as it's called by the denizen's of the Barak Varr Hold, is lightly populated and the common room is being enjoyed by locals, all humans.

Van, standing near the table, listens to the conversation, but is caught eyeing the bartender on more than a single occasion. Imeltrud and Gertie have departed for the Temple to Myrmidia to pay respects as they are wont to do.

The Verenan temple, often called a Bibliothek, or library, is a few blocks away, but easily walked to.

But there are several immediate matters that need to be attended too that are being discussed:

The matter of waiting messages from Paduda with the Verenans. The large coop and perch can been seen atop the Bibliothek when approaching from the right street. It not uncommon to believe a bird overhead is coming or going from the Verenan perch.

The matter of informing the Dwarven watch of your lodging. The mention of greenskins gets Van into the conversation, "Not a bad idea for us to send some pigeons south I think.

Lastly the matters of the next talisman, the not so subtle interest of the Verenans, and the bearded fellow in the crowd. Van has a thought on that too: "Too many beards in this place to be sure..."

Vaervenshyael, tired of the party's foolish beer guzzling, spits out, "We can address two of these matters by returning to the temple, if you are just about finished with your Dwarven ale bravado."

Before they finish up, a trio of hardened dwarves walked in and started questioning Tankred about the WAAAGH! the party witnessed on the way up. The Trio was led by Sergeant Orthradin Skalldinson of the watch. He seemed to like Vaervenshyael's grit, and actually laughed when she reported she was originally from the Wasteland. The dwarf gave her a script from the watch in case we are ever in trouble.

Vaervenshyael finally headed to the temple of Verena to retrieve the party's messages.  She asked Wilhelm to come along, in case the streets of Barak Varr at night were not too friendly to a solitary elf.

Letter 1: Twelve men left from Padua to head to the tower in the west in hopes of mining iron.
Letter 2: Increased activity noted in Ubain and their leader 9-10-11. Does the leader have renewed interest in annexing Padua?
Letter 3: Please reply ASAP
Letter 4: There has been no word from the twelve men who headed west for several days.

Vaervenshyael was asked to have her party visit the high priest of Verena the next day after 10 AM.

The high priest, Heinke Holstein, and his initiate Gervais, explained to the party that they knew the reason they were in Barak Varr. The priests knew of the talismans of Abdul Al Shar. They were also aware of a local cult associated with Ormazd, a god worshipped by Arabyans. The priest noted that this cult may be in possession of a talisman. The initiates they sent to investigate the cult have not been heard from. The priest would like the party to investigate. The cult worships beneath the hold, accessed through the sewers.

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