[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 37

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/???
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

(Previous Notes)

The party was tasked with traveling from Padua-on-Avon to Barak Varr to retrieve a power stone disguised as a talisman once hanging from a sheik's staff of office.

Before leaving, Vaervenshyael commissioned Wilhelm to make her a pin ring, which would allow her to discreetly deliver the poison she had acquired in the previous sitting. Since Wilhelm lacks in simplicity and not imagination, the ring turned out to be a little more than she had asked for*. However, when unattached from it's accessories, the ring will work as she desired.

Also before leaving, there were reports from woodsmen who work in the east that Ubain may be mobilizing for potential battle. There was no time to waste if Padua wanted to be able to defend itself. The party left for Karak Varr.

They were able to camp outside the wall of Lauderberg. In the night, zombie forms shuffled into the party's vicinity. Vaervenshyael added three zombies to her extensive kill history.

*Wilhelm decided to attach a hose to the ring. It was a tiny hose that would thread up Vaervenshyael's arm to a reservoir kept in her armpit. In this reservoir could be kept more poison than she would ever use...or lamp oil if she wanted a mini flamethrower...because who doesn't?

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