[D&D 2e] The Lost Mine of Phandelver 6 *SPOILERS*

Mist: Human Shadow Walker (Mage/Thief)
Jairus: Elven Mage/Thief
Kell: Human Ravager (Barbarian)
Sanaka: Human Windwalker (Priest)
Gunel: Human Fighter/Gladiator

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Finishing the Caves

The party left off in a starry cavern with two rooms worked into the eastern side. One was on the level where they entered, and the other room was down a flight of stairs worked into an escarpment. They tried a door to the room near where they entered and ended up having a tea party with a slightly mad Beholder-kin.

They left this room, headed down the stairs, and explored the room at the bottom. The door was cracked open, it's hinges melted. It took a couple of the stronger members of the party to pull the doors open. From the doorway, a scorched iron chest caught the party's eye at the foot of an old bed.

The moment someone stepped into the room, a ghostly form rose up from the floor. "Your presence is offensive to me, your life forfeit. My treasures are mine alone, not yours to plunder," it said in gravelly tones. The character backed out of the room. The priest came up with a plan.

"This actually should be pretty easy..."

Sanaka cast Protection from Evil and sent Gunel and Mist in to attack the ethereal creature on consecutive turns. He knew enough about undead to know that this creature could only be hit with magical weapons, but he was unable to turn the spirit. Luckily, Gunel and Mist had placed their weapons on the Forge of Spells shortly before coming to this room.

Sanaka had failed to remember the fine print on his protection spell. The moment he or Gunel attacked the spirit, the spell ended. Poor Gunel found out that the spell ended the hard way: she was hit by the creature and had a level of experience drained. Just like that she went from 3rd back to 2nd level. Luckily the character was too...unintelligent...to really notice (INT 3). Sanaka noticed, though, and started thinking of ways to make it up to the poor gladiator after the creature was killed.

The iron chest had a few hundred gold worth of coins, gems, and a carved wooden pipe. It hardly seemed worth losing a level of experience over, but you never know that until after you try.

From the starry cavern, the party headed south. Mist, the Shadow Walker, scouted ahead and found a room full of weird fungi, including puffballs, shelf fugus, and large stalks and caps. Some of the puffballs glowed with green phosphorescence. Sanaka, the Windwalker, took no more chances. He send a Dust Devil through the room to the corridor on the other side. The spell set off the fungi, and spores exploded throughout the room. Sanaka then cast Gust of Wind to push the spores ahead of the party as they cautiously continued. The barbarian took no chances with the spores. She decided to place her loincloth over her face to keep the spores out. In the end, the room that had halted the Black Spider's eastern explorations was contained with a couple wind spells.

The party's explorations had taken them back to the entrance of the mines, and they exited the caves to find Droop, their sycophantic goblin, trying to talk to the horses as Sanaka had done before the party entered the caves.

Back to Phandalin

The party quickly wrapped up a few loose ends in Phandalin. They were fed up with the townmaster's cowardice and ousted him from his position. At one point the townmaster was dumbfounded, "You're threatening my body?"

The priest replied, "I can threaten your soul..."

Townmaster Harbin was returned to his banking duties only. Sildar Hallwinter was set up as the townmaster, with the party's full support.

Ties were renewed with Linene at the Lionshield Coster. Supplies were requested and paid for at Barthen's Provisions. In the end, the party figured it would be just as expedient to head to Neverwinter themselves for the majority of the supplies they needed to settle in to the old Redbrand Hideout.


The first stop was a shop to identify their new magical items. The shopkeeper used a large libram, which sat on a large pallet that hung from the ceiling via chains on the four corners, to identify the items. They found out that the items that were imbued on the Forge of Spells were no longer magical. The shop owner ended up trading his identification services for one of the looted spellbooks the party was carrying.

In another magical shop, the party traded the Glasstaff for some low-level magic weapons...for next time they meet a creature that can only be hit by magical weapons.

Finally, the party asked around for a temple most likely to help a wounded person. They were directed to the temple of Ilmater. There they had to agree to go on a Quest for the church in order to afford the cost of having Gunel's level replaced. They readily agreed (guilt will do that to you). The party was told to arrive at the temple the next day for Quest assignment. The party had one more stop they wanted to make before showing up at the church the next day.

Ruins of Thundertree

The party searched through the ruined buildings of Thundertree, looking for clues to the whereabouts of the old herbalist's shop so they could find Mirna's missing heirloom. A few houses in, they encountered a priest of Eldath named Grog (this is a backup PC). Grog warned the party of giant spiders, strange men in capes and spiny helmets, and a green dragon all currently living in the ruins of the town. He also told them which building was the old herbalist shop. Grog then continued his travels and headed south.

The party decided to stay as far away from the lair of the dragon, a tower on the top of the hill, and skirted south behind a ruined store. They had to cut through giant spider webs, and kill the spiders which came scuttling out from the store. They found the herbalist shop, searched until they found the hidden heirloom, and returned to Neverwinter post-haste. They never laid eyes on the dragon, and they all seemed happy.

Thus ends the official adventure The Lost Mine of Phandelver. We shall continue with the Quest laid upon the party. They shall have to brave AD&D module I2: The Tomb of the Lizard King.

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