[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 29

My Character
Gairloch Ironheart - Svirfneblin Priest of Grumbar

Jemmabink - Gnome fighter
Nina - Human Paladin of Helm
Vahael Corrolon - Human Cleric of Helm
Revoltac - Elf Ranger
Kaiden - Half Elf Mage

The party was summoned to the estate of Lord Tessaril late in the night following the Zhentarim attacks. Many other notable townsfolk were present, including Jelde a priest of Lathander and retired Knight of Myth Drannor. Also present was the previously missing blacksmith, Derthal.

Shortly into the proceedings, a portal opened on the edge of town, and King Azoun's personal representatives appeared with more Purple Dragon support. Gairloch did not know who these representatives were, but the Lord Tessaril bowed to them. The meeting resumed in Tessaril's estate.

The meeting was again interrupted, this time by Old Meg, an eccentric hermit from the west side of town. She was famous for her walking staff, which she liked to bang on the shins of those she spoke to in order to drive home the point she was making. There was no lack of shin-banging when Old Meg showed up at the meeting.

She was complaining about disturbances from a pillar of rock to the west of her location. She seemed to believe vampires were making their homes there. She also noted that giants were amassing to the north. She insisted that the party (and she already seemed to know a few members) check these locations out as soon as possible.

The party decided to head to the pillar of rock that night. The cleric of Helm had a ring that allowed Gairloch to get a full night's rest in only 2 hours. He then prayed for spell renewal and headed out with the party.

The pillar of rock looked like it had been pushed straight up through the ground. It rose approximately 25 feet into the air. To the earth priest, it looked like it had been there a very long time.

There was an opening along one side of the rock, behind some disturbed growth. The opening was surrounded by markings and hieroglyphs that no one in the party could interpret. They had something to do with water and trees, waterfall and vegetation. Inside the doorway, the floor sloped downward.

Since the party was expecting undead, the priests took the opportunity to cast some select spells before going in. Vahael of Helm cast Protection from Undead in a 10 foot radius around Gairloch. The two priests also shored the party up with Negative Plane Protection. Finally, Gairloch summoned an earth elemental.

There were indeed vampires inside the pillar of rock. There was a long, hard fight, which resulted in Jemma and Gairloch temporarily losing 4 levels of power. This limited the number of spells the earth priest could cast. Luckily, the earth elemental kept two vampires busy while the rest of the party took out another four. When all was said and done, 6 vampires were destroyed, along with their coffins, and a temple to Eldath was purified.

Eldath is a lesser power of peace and streams. The inside of the pillar of rock looked like her symbol:

There were pools of fresh, flowing water, green vegetation covering rooms spiraling off the center, and it was all located underground. Gairloch desired to make this shrine his own.


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