The Burning Plague Future

I have this idea to slowly share my converted adventure of The Burning Plague. I have already altered it from D&D to WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay, but now I'm altering it more to switch the baddies from goblinoids to Skaven. It seems like a large task, but if I split it up into sections I might be able to realize it. Then, if I post a section of the map with each room description, it might be even cooler. As I said, it's a large task for the middle of a college semester.



The basic storyline and ensuing action of the adventure is fairly straightforward. The player characters can explore the upper reaches of the mines and encounter the Skaven clans awaiting them there. The Skaven are in a usual particularly paranoid frame of mind. They fear the humans in the town below. They fear the other clans. They fear the Grey Seer and his bodyguard. Being particularly dim creatures to begin with, the Skaven have decided to hole up in the enormous font of wealth they have stumbled upon and hope for a chance to slip out alive. They have prepared a number of traps to further barricade themselves in against any potential threats from within or without. The adventurers will, with luck, navigate their way past the Skaven and their traps and work their way down to the spawning ground of the Burning Plague and the wellsprings that lie beyond. It is there that they will engage first the fanatical priests Tiklisp has set to supply his project and then the Grey Seer himself. With Tiklisp’s death and the subsequent purification of the Plague’s spawning grounds, the travails of the people of Duvik’s Pass will come to an end. Of course, that assumes the adventurers do not first succumb to the Burning Plague themselves.

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