Game 3: Dwimmermount

The third (and last) game I ran might have been the most fun of them all.  I ran an amazing game of Dwimmermount set in the Warhammer world.  I set it in the Warhammer world because it's the system I can run with the least effort in preparation. Time is precious these day. 

The party was hired as the exploratory group in a large, costly expedition to Lustria. The Lustria setting lent itself to an easy conversion of orcs to lizardmen and kobolds to skinks.

The party somehow managed to take the most violent route possible through the first level of the megadungeon. In the end, they confronted the mad dwarf king, his skink minions, and the giant spider. It was the very last hour of the convention, and I didn't know if I had the mental capability of running a mad dwarf king. I seemed to do OK even though the party decided to attack him. The final battle was brutal, but the party survived.

I look forward to running a continuation next year with as many repeat players as possible. I have the map and the characters, and they can start back at the entrance "the next day."

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