[WFRP] The Oldenhaller Contract Recap

The party was hired by Councillor Oldenhaller to retrieve a valuable stone that another gang was hired to retrieve and was never brought back. They were led to an underground complex inhabited by 3 separate gangs.

The first part of the complex was inhabited by Schatzenheimers. This gang had been completely destroyed by the second gang, the Valentinas, only hours before the players arrived. One Schatzenheimer survived, telling tales of the gem his leader had and how the gang next door game in, killed everyone, and took everything.

The second section of the complex was held by the Valentinas. The guards stationed just outside their part of the complex were none too willing to let the characters pass (they didn't know anything about a gemstone, and if there was one, they weren't giving it away). The characters fought and killed 3 Valentinas guards. They set a trap and started attacking the Valentinas in the next room...who were obviously packing up shop for some reason.

After two more dead Valentinas there was a standoff of sorts. The overseer got help from the boss's bodyguard, who was unable to rouse the boss from his prayers. They found the boss dead with his head missing. It didn't seem the party outside the front entrance did this, so they formed an uneasy alliance to work with the PCs to solve the murder.

The murderer was found, dead of a multitude of rat bites. He carried the head of the previous leader of the Valentinas, as well as the gem Oldenhaller wanted. The gem went in the box provided. An overwhelming horde of rats chased the characters further into the complex.

The party sent a weighted mine cart down tracks further into the complex.  The cart hit a bumper and tipped over.  There was another set of tracks running perpendicular. They followed these tracks to a cave with months of nonperishable supplies. Valantinas were blockading the north. They spoke of  large, walking rat men to the south.

The party prepared many Molotov cocktails and ventured in.  The final cave had four rat men chanting and two guards. One cocktail took out a guard while another did incredible damage to the chanters. The dwarf chased down the last. The  party escaped via rowboats into the river.


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