[WFRP] Oldenhaller Contract Assumptions

Assumptions the party can make about the Oldenhaller Contract, after talking with each other further and reviewing what they found out:

Kurt Holder of the Schatzenheimers had the gem (the guy missing the arm in one of the first rooms), which does indeed carry the power of chaos. His body was corrupted.

Kurt was killed by the Valentinas over some old, ongoing dispute between the two gangs. Emilio Valentinas took everything of value after the attack. The gem might not have been the reason they were fighting, but the influence of an item of chaos in the complex may have pushed strained relations over the edge.

Emilio did not have the gem long enough for its chaotic powers to start to effect him.

The leader of the Huyderman gang wanted Emilio dead as sort of a preemptive strike, fearing his gang would be the next that Emilio attacked. Thus he sent an assassin, hence the severed head: proof of the deed. Nobody in the Valentinas recognized the assassin because he was hired from the outside by the other gang. The assassin found the gem on Emilio and took it for himself.

Skaven caught wind of the gem somehow, entered the complex via the river, slaughtered the Huydermans, and started preparing a spell to help them find the gem. They brought the excessive amounts of rats with them, which ended up killing the assassin. Not to say there aren't normally rats in Nuln's sewers, but probably not this many vicious creatures.

The ritual was where the party came in with their Molotov cocktails, making short work of furry creatures in old robes.


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