H is for Herbalist

Physicians and their students are few and far between in the WarHammer world, especially in rural areas. Also, there are not clerics healing wounds on a daily basis. Luckily, many rural areas have an Herbalist, probably living near where her precious herbs are found.

Herbalists have many of the skills usually sought after in physicians or clerics. They have Cure Disease and Heal Wounds skills. Some can even prepare poisons. In a game as deadly as WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay, these skills are invaluable.

The curings and healings are not magical in nature, so healed characters can’t necessarily jump right back into the midst of battle. Time is needed to heal all wounds, as the saying goes. However, healing is accelerated. Also, any healing is better than no healing…which is the fate of many characters.


Marc Torley said…
In my original group we actually had one girl create a Halfling herbalist- her combat skills were so useless, she just focused on being the healer.
We only made it through Enemy Within because of her- we would go berserk protecting her and keeping her safe- I think in that whole campaign she got into three fights- but she saved every damn one of us. In the end she went on to become a Physician and a surgeon and a hypnotist and then? Elector for the Moot. But well, that's a whole other story...
Roger said…
Our original group had a Physician Apprentice (I'll talk about him here because I'm not using that career for the letter P). His randomly rolled stats made him one of the best melee fighters in the group. Plus there was no reason not to give him armor...

That's such a great thing about WarHammer: anyone in the party can be a hero, in various ways.
dot hearn said…
"any healing is better than no healing" I'm sure it is! I like the idea of Herbalist as the physician/healer. Nice.

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