E is for Eel

Eels, angler and other dangerous fishes of the Reik

The Reik is the main river of the Empire. It is the most used route for travel and commerce. The river offers a great source of fishes of all sorts. Fishermen are a common sight on the river or on its shores. But very few children are fishing on their own on the Reik. And that’s for very good reason: the Reik is hiding dangerous fishes. Most of them are left alone because they aren't worth catching given the risks of dying. However few are wanted because they are very valuable.

Eels of the Reik are known to every citizens. Large and fierce they can kill a fisherman with ease. Few knows that eels have some valuable relatives: morays eels. Zoographers from Nuln university claim that morays are new specie in the Empire. Morays are natives of seas and rivers bordering the south costs of Estalia and Tilea. They were likely introduced by ship travelling to Marienburg or barge cruising to Kreutzhofen. Compared to eels, morays are smaller but have a paralyzing slime covering their body and their mouth host various toxins. Moreover their jaws are extraordinary weapons allowing them to bite very large prey without releasing their grip. While being more dangerous than eels, morays are much appreciate to gourmet for their very tasty filet. Restaurant of Altdorf and Nuln purchase those for their rich clients.

Angler or monkfish are also a specie that can be found in the lower part of the Reik. They are living at the bottom of the river, hiding and feeding in the mud. Those alien looking fishes fill the niche of catfishes that prefer the clearer water of the upper Reik. Few angler specimen can reach 3 meters long and can swallow small animals like birds or small mammals even children. These fact gave the angler a very bad reputation. However they aren't like other fish. When properly primed, anglers produce a perfumed oil. This ingredient is sought for its properties used in medicine, engineering or body care. Flask of angler oil can easily reach 100 gold coins.


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