WFRP Slayers and Players

I read in a comment thread about Slayers seeking death that someone stated, "There was a discussion about this some time ago...He made a sacred vow to [atone] by being on the front line so that people more worthy than him can stay out of harm. He is an individual living a dangerous life to protect his race."

Whatever conversation was had prior, I wasn't part of and I haven't read, so I apologize if I'm re-treading well-worn ground, but I believe the Troll Slayer is seeking death, not just to be in the front lines so someone else isn't. (I don't believe that sentiment matches what we've learned in the novels at all, but again, I wasn't part of the original conversation that led to it.)

What we learn from the novels is that the Slayer is seeking a glorious death, one that will wipe his shame clean and return the family's honor. The Slayer doesn't want to die to a plague or a building randomly falling on his head. He wants to go out against a deadly foe, put up a respectable fight, and go down honorably.

As far as the gaming aspect of this, I don't think it's too cruel to keep the Slayer alive, if that is also the hope/expectation of the player. It seems like there needs to be a bit more collusion between the GM and player on this one. From what I read, that's the mark of a good GM anyway, talking with the players about their wants/desires/expectations and running the game accordingly.

On the other hand, the player should in no way get upset if the GM gives the Slayer a glorious death. That is the goal of the career. The player should know this before agreeing to take on the character.


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