Weretigress Temple

Setup: In an uninhabited locale, far from the protection of a city or keep, sits an unassuming temple to [insert an adventure appropriate deity from your setting]. The inhabitants of the temple are kind and inviting. They offer to feed the party and allow them to rest as long as they like. It doesn’t take long to realize that all the clergy are unarmed women. There’s neither a man nor a weapon in sight.

GM: The priestesses are all weretigers. They are curious about people and events outside the temple. They are not worried about attack. Don’t hesitate to have something/someone attack the temple while the PCs are there if you wish. However, every local creature knows better than to invade the temple.

If you would like this to be more of a mystery for the party to figure out, here are some examples of clues they might find:

Easy: The priestesses all have either black hair or are bright orange redheads.
Easy: All the priestesses have gold or amber eyes.
Easy: The priestesses move almost silently in the temple.
Medium: When asked, the priestesses seem unconcerned about attack. “Nothing like that has happened in a long time.”
Medium: The priestesses eat a fair amount of grain and vegetable products, but they also eat more meat than you’d ever expect any temple to consume.
Difficult: The priestesses don’t wear anything under their loose robes.
Difficult: There has been rumored to be an obscure set of this religion that has shape-changers.

Goal: The goal of this encounter isn’t an all-out battle between the party and the werepriestesses. The goal is for the party to experience something outside the norm, get fed, get rest, and possibly make some allies.

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