[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 59

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion
Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/???
Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician
Azmir - NPC Merchant/Wizard
Gertrude - NPC Night/Ambassador from the north.
Cosetta - NPC barmaid/Hedge Witch
Althea - NPC apprentice

(Previous Notes)

I am absent. Vaervenshyael gets an insanity point. Events narrated by the GM:

Tankred, Azmir and Gertrude walked through the poor market of the camp at the edge of the Eastern wood. The chilly west wind carried a hint of sulfur, but aided in carrying away the smoke of the fires and stench of the camp waste gully. The smell unfortunately assaulted the nose in the market, attenuated by spices from the cooking pots.

The refugees made the best of the situation. A quick count suggested 100, and half as many children and, by the cries, many of those hungry babes at malnourished breasts. There were old men that were craftsmen and skilled with snares for small game. Weak men. The lot no more than 200. It made for a crowded market across the wide field still recovering from the slaughter of Abdul Al'Shar's failed attempt.

Azmir spoke the native tongue, making small talk as he inspected the detritus of lost households on dirty rugs or on makeshift tables under lean-tos. Small game hung from a few stalls, slaughtered in Arabyan tradition.

Between stalls Azmir spoke in high Reikspiel to Tankred and Gertrude, explaining all that he learned from the refugees. He cautioned both about the exaggerations of beastmen, Khorne touched Tuchkopfen, mutants, and giants, but the stories had a common thread: the sheikh marched out on the command of his witch wife, beguiled by her beauty and commanded by her lust for Abdul's legacy. The witch was Khorne incarnate. Her power washed over the Sheikh and his host in a "mist of blood."

Azmir also got a map of Ubain from seller by bartering goat's milk.

The chill wind of Vorhexen lifted a dust cloud on the road to the northwestern gate. The clear skies were blue and without a blemish.

Shouts could be heard across the field and many refugee, along with Azmir, Tankred and Gerturde, lifted their eyes to the palisade of Padua to see a flag being raised. A 'Max' on a field of blue: "not expected to be hostile."

The shouts and flag carried the news quickly. The trade caravan from Barak Varr, And nearly five days late, was moving deliberately down the road. Two riders were at the vanguard.

Vaervenshyael, Johann, Wilhelm, and Cosetta parted as Baptisa shouted, "Customers and goods. No more of this Apothecary talk wife! Time to ready rooms, drink, and food!"

Althea sent Tankred and Gertrude to get wood from the sawmill. On the return, they were accosted by Roderick looking for Tankred to vouch for him before the Princep and his Master of Horse for the continued noblesse oblige as the year-end festivities approached. Even for the Dwarfs, "seeing we have a few in Padua these days and Kegs End is upon us."

Meanwhile, Wilhelm, Johann, and Vaervenshyael cleaned up Johann's store from all the "cooking." A well known, greasy haired boy, delivered a note from Cosetta to Wilhelm and Johann. Paid two pennies and a promise for a free haircut, the urchin ran back to the Rest. The note was read, then eaten by Wilhelm, before the contents were shared with Vaervenhyael. She retired to the market—being set up by the arriving caravan and to visit with Crespi Florey, collecting his goods—but not before taunting Wilhelm about "washing the taste of ink and parchment" from his palate with ale!

As the party crossed the street, Wilhelm (and or Johann) saw a roiling cloud of black move across the Manor's low palisade on the high knoll, weaving in and out of the posts only to settle into the dry grasses. A beautiful winter sunset palette of oranges and indigos was cut by streaks of light and a rising pink boil just below the horizon.

In the Rest, Vaervenshyael could be seen drinking with Florey and the only table was one by the drafty window. It was crowded with teamsters and folks spending money loosening tongues for news. When Ludo Lutz walked in with Franz the dwarf to tell the party rather matter of factly that the view from the manor turret was "beautiful" this evening and that the party should take a look. He and Franz went to the bar and ordered stiff drinks.

Outside Morrslieb rose like a pink hangnail on the horizon. Soon the party was running to Tankred's lodge to get weapons and get to the Manor house. Taking a short cut through the coopice between the lodge and the manor, they heard a scream and then a chill rose as a Spectre, the shadow of the Khorne fiend of Varshayael, given form by magicks attacked!

Unable to fight without blessed or magickal weapons, they ran. Johann to the Manor, Tankred and Gertrude to act as rear guard and Wilhelm just away.

In the Manor, Johann argued his way to Udrin, and was given audience by Tegort in what can only be explained as a mental connection between Tegort and Udrin. Udrin deigned the fight unworthy, but offered only to bless Johann's sword and dagger with petty magicks.

Armed, Johann ran back to the party to find the fiend holding a terrified Vaervenshyael.

The Rest was emptying with screaming patrons and the fight was on. Johann swung at the fiend and missed. Tankred tackled Vaervenshyael from the grasp of the fiend. Wilhelm found inspiration in Cosetta's note and blessed his Special Fancy Gun.

Johann threw Tankred his weapons, knowing that Tankred was far more skilled. Tankred and Wilhelm wounded the fiend and then the Special Fancy Gun exploded (100 on To Hit!, delivering 13 Wounds to Wilhelm, almost a maiming wound!). Tankred, in a rage, "gutted" the fiend in the final blows.

The night returned to something of a typical night in Padua with Morrslieb setting in the dawn and Johann patching up Wilhelm.

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