[D&D 2e] The Sword Coast Adventures (Setup)

Brielle the Academician and Ulric the Loremaster met in a library in Waterdeep. They were both looking to access the same historical archive and soon learned of their common interests. Through research, they soon learned of long forgotten historical sites of yore and set about investigating them in person.

Early on, they hired common mercenaries to accompany them to remote sites. It didn't take long, however, before they realized the need for a trustworthy (wo)man at arms to coordinate these escapades. They did some research (naturally) and found a warrior in Candlekeep who came highly recommended: Nora.

On one of the remote explorations, the party came across a minotaur in an underground complex. After a rough initial impression, the party came to realize the minotaur was not a menace but instead a Ranger named Kolot. Brielle and Ulric were happy to offer such a unique creature a place in their exploratory band. This caused some dissention amongst the hirelings, and Nora was forced to replace many of them once the party returned to civilization.

For a while now, the group has been exploring long forgotten sites around the Sword Coast and slowly making a name for themselves.


Nora is a human fighter. She grew up in slums of Baldur's Gate. As a teenager, she stepped up to defend herself and others against the local gangs who would shake them down for money. She became a sort of peasant hero. After this, she was approached to be a bodyguard for a scholar during his trip to Candlekeep.  That's when she realized she could make a living doing this. She met the Brielle and Ulric at Candlekeep and hired on with them from there.

Ulric is a human specialty priest of Oghma. He was raised in a small village near The Crags. When The Crags suffered a terrible earthquake, the villagers who remained were forced to move to the nearest city, Neverwinter. Ulric's family had trouble making ends meet, and they ended up pledging Ulric to the Church of Oghma in Neverwinter. From there he had a bed and food to eat and all the information he could wrap his little head around. The rest is history.

Brielle is a human Academician.

Kolot is a minotaur ranger who was raised by humans. 


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