Books: Red Moon Rising

Tristan Tarwater's new book Red Moon Rising is now out (on Kindle, at least). This is book #3 set in the Valley of the Ten Crescents. I've really enjoyed the other two books as well as the short story in this series. It almost reads like a novel based on someone's game character, but very well written instead of the little blubs we post on our blogs.

I highly suggest checking this series out.

From the description:

The rise of a deadly cult threatens life in the Valley of Ten Crescents. Alone, betrayed, and on the run from the law, Tavera finds herself charged with rescuing Kella, a priestess with a powerful secret who has been kidnapped by the cult. Tavera finds she can no longer be a little girl lost, but must become a leader and a savior if she is to survive the RED MOON RISING.

Somehow, book #1 is still FREE in Kindle format.

Born in poverty, a half-elf in a human city, Tavera lives in a world where she doesn't belong -- until the day she meets Derk. Initiated into the elite group of self-made scoundrels known as the Cup of Cream, Tavera must choose between loyalty to her father and a place as one of the THIEVES AT HEART.

Lastly, here's a link to my review of her short story Botanical Blues.


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