Cascade Failure Musings

Brendan Strejcek [1] has been talking lately about "unlocking things as you go," to paraphrase. This fits in well with one aspect of how I plan to run my Cascade Failure game.

The game begins with all human PCs (with maybe, maybe one Golem). Through exploration, they will come across NPCs of other races. Some of these NPCs will end up being playable characters for anyone who wants to "upgrade," or for any PCs who have died.  I have three adventure outlines at this point, and I'm hoping to include one alternate PC/race per game.

Other things unlocked will be technologies (a big reward/treasure in Cascade Failure). The parts starts with none but what they are carrying (weapons). Once they reclaim the captain's ship at the end of the first adventure, they will have more technologies: the ones that are part of the ship.

At the end of the second adventure, where they set out to find some parts needed to get the ship spaceworthy, they will have found more technologies.

I'm hoping this works well.

[1] Just FYI, Brenda has gone from another gamer in my circles, to someone in my First Pass circle, to someone who's blog I now subscribe to. Canada has some fine OSR individuals. See also James Maliszewski and Stuart Robertson.


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