L is for Laborer

When I first played WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay and it was time for me to choose a career, I wanted the weakest looking career on the list. I wasn't new to roleplaying, and I was looking for a challenge as I started this new game. When I looked through the careers, one stood out. Laborer. The poor slob only had two advances in his advance scheme.  He came with one skill and had to roll to see if he started with any other. His starting trappings were just food, drink, and a leather vest. There is nothing in this career to attract a player.

So I created my Laborer. I called him Lothar (of the hill people) after a Saturday Night Live sketch, and I sent him out into the perilous world to make a name for himself.

Lothar the Laborer has done quite well for himself over the years, and is enjoying semi-retirement. It's not what you start with, but it's what you do with what you start with. Grab some dice, roll up any character, and have fun!

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