E is for Entertainer

The reason I chose Entertainer for the letter E was all the interesting types of entertainer a person can play. There are a few careers that have multiple sub-types  another one being Thief (which I won't cover during the letter T for a couple reasons).

WarHammer allows you to start out as either an acrobat, actor, animal act, bunko artist, comic, escapologist, fire eater, fortune teller, hypnotist, impressionist, jester, juggler, knife thrower, pavement artist, poet, singer, strongman, tight rope walker, troubadour, ventriloquist, or wrestler. Each of these specialties has their own associated skills, trappings, and career exits.

Each of these sub-types is a completely different type of character, changing the play of the game. Have you ever adventured with a fire eater or a hypnotist? How could they interact, both in fights and in espionage? These are the kind of options that draw me to the game.

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